Wave 1 LQ Data – Ynez Nevarez

Hey everyone! Ynez here with some data looking into how the meta has been shaping up over wave 1 of Local Qualifiers in North America. This time I decided to take a look at Local Qualifiers with over 16 players; which is the threshold for 5 rounds of Swiss. The biggest surprise when looking at results has been the prevalence and success of ice/earth decks. Earth/Wind and Mono Water were known powerhouses, but the rise of Ice/Earth is definitely a welcomed change.

There were a total of 12 events I was able to find top 8 lists for, for a total of 96 decks to look at.

Let’s take a look at how things have been shaping up for LQs towards the end of wave 1:

  • Earth/Wind continues its trend of being on top in sheer numbers, making up 16% of decks making top 8 and appearing in 75% of events.
  • Mono Water and Ice/Earth trail just behind Earth/Wind at 14% of decks making the cut; however, both decks have appeared in 80% of top 8 lists.
  • At this point, we can confidently say we have a Big 3” in: Earth/Wind, Mono Water, and Ice/Earth. If you plan to go to an LQ or CC you better have a plan for these decks.
  • Wind/Water, Ice/Water, Mono Lightning, and Fire/Ice account for almost 20% of LQ and CC decks making the cut. While these decks are not as prevalent as the Big 3 it would still be worthwhile to have a degree of experience against them when preparing for an event.
  • These seven decks make up 62% of decks making top 8 at LQs and day 2 of CCs.
  • 22 unique archetypes have appeared in Top 8 cuts.
  • Each top 8 cut had an average of 6 different archetypes, with two events having 8 different decks in the top 8.
  • Death Machine (RIP), Warriors of Light, Snow + Chocobos, and Ice/wind are the only decks that made day two of CCs, but did not make the top 8 cut in an LQ.
  • Mono Fire made the cut in 4 different events!

For those of you that prefer a visual chart here you go!

While the data provides a decent argument for deck “Tiers” it’s important to acknowledge that 15 different decks make up almost 40% of top 8 and day two decks, signaling that a wide range of strategies are viable for success. With the Wind Crystal Cup coming in less than two weeks, there’s still plenty of time to test against top decks and brew up a strategy to take them down. Good luck to everyone competing for an invite during this next stretch and more importantly, keep on making this the best TCG community there is!

- Ynez Nevarez

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