Villain from The Little Mermaid: Kyle McGinty

Hey homies, Mcginty here. I sure had fun last weekend at the Meta Potion Circuit event here in sunny Southern California down at All Ways Gaming in Chatsworth, California. The deck I piloted was a variant on the Phoenix.deck from North American Nationals. My take on the deck introduces Zeromus, the Condemner (3-087H) to help aid activating all of the amazing Special abilities in the deck. I have played the deck in two locals and now the Circuit event and each of those times I played the deck, I won the whole thing.  While it is a great deck, it is not without its faults, which I will go into later on. The deck is named after Ursula one of the premier forwards in the deck, and by combining the ability to bring her back from the grave (Yang (2-091C) works here as well) with a well-timed Phoenix (3-020H), this allows for some amazing tactical plays.

Here is the list:  

Forwards (21)

Backups (19)

Summons (10)

Board Wipes

The absolute coolest part of this deck is its ability to remove all of the threats in play through various combos. The hardest combo to pull off is Krile’s (3-078H) Special ability Spellblade Thundara, after using Phoenix to return Krile to play. The reason this two card combo here is difficult is because it requires the payment of 1 Lightning Crystal in addition to a Krile in hand while one is in the discard.  Despite the difficulty of pulling it off, this doesn’t mean the special should be ignored.  This effect will be used often to get rid of the opposing forwards that are bigger than 8000k. The reason 8000k is so important is because you can use Krile’s other S ability Spellblade Fira in conjunction with Phoenix to deal 8k to an opposing board of forwards.

Outside of Krile, this deck also packs Shantotto as a 2 of. My teammates and I agree that a 3rd Shantotto and a 1 of Mystic (1-096C) can easily fit in the deck to have even more ways of removing a board.  Adding the Mystic gives you the ability to sacrifice the first Shantotto played in order to open up the ability to make use of Shantotto a second or even third time within the same game.

Vivi (3-017L): I’m calling this a board wipe enabler. The S ability here, Firaga, can easily be used before playing a Phoenix to put an end to all opposing 9k’s or less.

Yang (3-095R) + Ursula (3-073C) + Kefka (1-104H). The Kick S ability on Yang (3-095R) usually isn’t anything to be bragging about but you can net a pseudo board wipe using it after activating a Kefka (1-104H) on Yang. That brings his total power to 14000 so the S ability would deal 7000 in that scenario.  Punch with a Phoenix afterwards and opposing 9ks will hit the floor.

Vincent (2-077L).  So I am not the biggest fan of this card, but it is too good to not play.  It also provides another way for this deck to destroy more than 1 opposing forward at a time.

Zeromus, the Condemner. This card isn’t a board wipe but it does a lot in the deck.  In the late game (after I’ve taken a few points of damage), it serves as a removal spell (albeit for their worst forward).  When this summon really shines is when it gets back a Krile, Ursula, or Vivi to enable more board wipe shenanigans.


To pilot this deck successfully you need to understand what it loses to. Having access to all the removal in Opus 3 can still not be enough if you don’t know what you need to answer.

The worst possible card for this deck to encounter is Minwu. But we have the saving grace thanks to our 1 of Hecatoncheir (1-117R).  Now a one of to answer your biggest problem might be considered a fool's game, most of the time the Minwu players won’t have Minwu in play until it is too late or you have gathered enough knowledge to know your searching for it the first chance you get with Rydia (3-096R).

Warrior of Light (2-145L). There are 9 total outs for this card in the deck, which while you think about it, that is an awful lot of cards, but the static damage reduction ability on Warrior of Light straight up turns off a lot of our board wipes making many more than 9 of our cards go from heroes to zeros real quick. The best answer against this card is timing a Zeromus, so be sure to take extra damage in the early game if you can, if you're lucky one of those damages will be a Mustadio. Sometimes it is better to be lucky than good, I hear those EX-burst decks are all the rage right now.  If you cannot time a Zeromus you can also use Kefka, Mustadio, Raubahn, Shantotto.

The Emperor from Opus 2. Opus 2 Emperor is literally the last thing this deck wants to see. If your opponent knows to protect him, you will never get to do any of your cool things. This deck can answer Emperor with Mustadio, Raubahn, Shantotto, and Vivi. We have to be very cautious when facing against an Emperor shutting down the decks options takes it from an assault at all angles to a linear tempo deck that plays far behind the curve compared to other decks in the current format.

Spineless SHOUT OUT. I have been very busy working on Hex Tcg: Card Clash. The PlayStation port of Hex TCG. It just released Tuesday morning. Feel free to check it out and tell me your thoughts on Hex or my deck. If you want to talk, hit me up.

That is it for this week, I am gonna keep it short and catch some ZZZ’s.

Hope to see you all soon for our upcoming Petit Cup in December.

We should have more details about that next week.

Later Homies,