Thomas teaches you how to Nguyen with Lightning: Opus VI

Hi everyone, Thomas Nguyen here from Metapotion! I am super excited with the upcoming set, with the official release of Opus 6 tomorrow. I believe the set has many interesting cards that can serve as upgrades or replacements for existing decks as well as possible create new archetypes (e.g. Gullwings, FF2).  With the site trying to begin releasing articles on a regular basis, we will begin with trying to provide some initial thoughts on two cards in the Lightning element that may see some extensive play in mono lightning in the upcoming meta: Edea (6-087R) and Ramuh (6-102R).   









Most mono lightning decks already run the maximum number of legendary Edea from Opus 2 that breaks a forward of cost X or less where X is the number of lightning backups you have in play.  A common strategy for those long games in mono lightning is to try and recur the same copy of Edea multiple times with Zemus; Edea would be played to break a 4-5 drop forward and immediately used to chump block so that the mono lightning player can play another copy from hand or recur a copy from the breakzone (via Zemus).  Now with this new backup Edea, mono lightning players have another way to replay Edea from the breakzone.

This new Edea states that by putting the backup into the breakzone, one chosen Job "Witch” can be played onto the field.  This effect can only be done during your turn. This new Edea acts like the 4 cost Ice Devout by allowing the mono lightning player to replay the 6 cost Edea at instant speed from the breakzone on your turn. Unfortunately, since the effect of the backup requires it being placed into the breakzone, the replayed Edea would only be able to break 4 cp forwards or smaller. Luckily there are still plenty of good targets at 4 cp (e.g. WoL, Warrior of Light, Dadaluma, etc.).  If for some reason your opponent doesn’t want to kill your legend Edea, the backup copy would still be useful as the Opus 2 Edea has a useful special ability - the ability to break a forward.  With the power of being able to replay Edea late in the game (or as another way to fuel her special), we can see this new Edea backup being added to mono lightning lists ( maybe as a one or even two of).

The other cards that I am pretty excited to try out is the new modal card Ramuh. With Opus 5, mono ice and mono wind got two popular modal cards in Glasya Labolas and Diabolos that allowed players to choose 2 of the four possible abilities. Although not as powerful as those two (as this Ramuh is only a rare compared to the former being heroic and legendary), the flexibility on what this card lets you do will prove to be no different in the upcoming meta.  

Taking a look at the first and third abilities, most players will choose to use one or both of these abilities the most.  Combining the ability to kill 2 cp or less monsters (from the 1 cp cost ramuh from Opus 4) and some direct damage (specifically  7k worth of damage), the dream would be to kill a 7k or smaller forward and a monster (e.g. leyak, cactuar, green dragon).  Now decks, which wanted a way to deal with monster (limited to the 1 cp ramuh from Opus 4, 3cp Odin from Opus 5, and the lightning monster Dragon from Opus 4) but also wanted to maintain a high threshold number of ways to kill forwards too could - instead of choosing between running forward kill or monster kill - run this new Ramuh where perhaps you can get to kill both a forward and monster at the same time.  Even though 7k is small enough of a chunk to not be able to kill most 4 cp or higher forwards, lightning has a number of other effects and cards (e.g. Rygdea, Onion Knight, the new ninja backup, black mage) that can be combined with the 7k from Ramuh to kill larger forwards.

The second ability (Choose 1 forward of cost 4 or less and dull it) will have a few uses.  The most common will be used to remove a 4cp or less blocker so that your forwards can get through.  However, another use (similar to Glasya Labolas) would be to dull your own forward as a way to deal with opposing Al Cids.  If you’re expecting to play the mirror, it may be beneficial to keep Ramuh available to dull your forward (of 4 cp or less) and target your opponent’s Al Cid to deal 7k damage in response to their Al Cid entering play and targeting your forward.  The outcome of that exchange is that your forward would still be alive and your opponent would be out of an Al cid with the other forward (e.g. rygdea, onion knight, black waltz, illua) still in hand.

The last ability will probably be used the least but will still have its uses as providing a red-mage effect of hasting a lightning forward (e.g. Amon, Zemus).  Even removing a small blocker and hasting another forward you just played isn’t a bad exchange when using Ramuh -- especially if you’re able to get in surprise damage for the win.      

With the flexibility that this new Ramuh offers, don’t be surprised to see mono lightning decks (or even some lightning based decks) run 2-3 copies of this card.

We hope to provide some of our insight with other cards near the beginning of the release of Opus 6.  If you have any additional uses of Edea/Ramuh, feel free to let us know.

Thank you for supporting us over at Meta Potion don't be shy to message any of us if you wanted to talk cards!

- Thomas Nguyen

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