Rice’s Response: Ask Me Anything!

Rice's Response: Ask Me Anything!

We figured that we would do something fun for an article and Rice wanted to do an AMA! Check out the below!

Is it his birthday?


When will he become the next Meta Potion champion?

-Maybe one Dae.

If you were locked in a room, and some guys in black put a skunk to your head and said, "pick one! Play mono water fusoya or earth wind!" Two decks you really don't like, which one you playing?

-Earth Wind. I wouldn’t enjoy any of it.

Predictions for the NA worlds team

In no order or anything. Oki, Burckley, McGinty, Hunter Nance, Jordan Denk, Samsonite Prime, and Collin Rupert.

Why is he so handsome and can anyone do it?

-Years of practice and genetics. Follow your dreams! A beard definitely helps.

If you had to ban 3 cards what would they be?

-This would’ve been easier before turbo got kicked to the can! If I had to though, probably 2CP Valefor or Cactuar. While dominate cards in their specific decks I don’t think they need to be banned personally. We just need more viable answers.

What is your thought on the current meta, do you think a new format or set rotation would be good and what would you like to see in the future of Fftcg?

-I love this meta. Lots of people complain about the top 2-3 decks or Wind as whole. While I think the things they do are more unfair than others they aren't too crazy. LOTS of good decks are playable these days. Probably the most ever. They just need ways to deal with the unfair things. Unfair decks or things >>> As far as set rotation goes, no thank you. Power creep isn’t too much of an issue in this game. I would just pay attention to reprints outside of base sets etc. The 2 player starter deck was great for that. I’m not much of a fan of alternative formats in card games I would play. I think the game is doing enough w boss fight or title, but they aren’t for me. I do think we need more draft support/events once that gets ironed out. For the future of FFTCG… new card mechanics! I’m definitely looking forward to the potential of split characters forwards etc.

What is your dream Fire card for Opus 8?

-A early game BEAST of a forward printed w the name of one of my favorites. Were talking 3-4 CP of “MUST KILL THIS” status forward. Something that makes my opponent afraid and pushes through their defenses.

Will Golbez ever be good again?

-Too many answers, no crazy good 2cp forwards. Maybe one day!

Lava Spider or Golem?

-Hmmmm. I don’t really love either. I’ve never really played fire and wished my forwards were THAT much bigger. I do like that Golem lasts until end of turn when you break it or could be a trick play, and I could see Spider helping super aggro decks push through.

What new cards will fill gaps in certain deck types and why?

-I like a LOT of the cards so far. Personally though, probably new Squall or Marche for me right now. There has been so many times I am playing ice and wishing for more 4cp/8k outside of our current ones w specific needs/uses. This one comes w halfway decent effects! Also, Rinoa/Selphie backup! Maybe? Marche is just very good card advantage for a element that has very little. Oh, and 4CP Montblanc being playable! Nacht seems good to me as well. If my opponent is playing 1cp monsters, i’m drooling over the thought of Nacht. This is too good of a question, I could go one forever! Anything bringing build variety, or new things to an element. BIG fan.

Is he actually a red mage or does that title mean less when he doesn't play fire?

-Once a Red Mage, always a Red Mage.

What was his first TCG? What is his favorite first date?

-Magic, and probably when a girl asked me to go see the first X-Men movie. Actually, it was in Vegas with Kyle McGinty or Greg Cole. Love at first sight type of thing you know?

Best card flavor wise in this game?

-No question asked it’s Yuna H.

Does he believe in true love? Is fire and ice great in opus 8?

-Yes. It seems to be receiving some love! We’ll see. I’m really happy it seem that Brave Exvius and more FF6 are supporting it overall.

What is his ideal fried rice?

-Thai fried rice, medium, w/ Tofu. EASY.

Favorite EX burst?

-Anything that kills Illua. Thank you for coming to my TED talk.

That concludes this quick AMA that Matt Rice wanted to hold, hope everyone enjoyed the article and is looking forward to our Spoilers coming soon!! We have some other exciting news we want to announce along with our spoiler but you'll have to wait until next week to find out on our Facebook page!

- Matthew Rice

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