Opus VI Spoiler: Dragoon

Opus VI Spoiler: Dragoon

With Opus VI coming out in a few weeks, everyone is excited to see what cards will be released. There will definitely be some meta-altering and meta-breaking cards. However, each set also provides a possibility for further improving those pet decks or title decks. As you may all know, we at Meta Potion have a soft spot for dragoons and how appropriate it would be that Square Enix allowed us the opportunity to spoil the next dragoon that our own Matthew Okimoto will start collecting:

At initial glance, the new dragoon resembles a lot like Pugilist from Opus IV; both are 2cp forwards that potentially get bigger. Whereas Pugilist is able to increase its power by 2000 for each other forward standard unit you control on the field, our new preview card is able to increase its power by 2000 for each other Job Dragoon or Card Name Dragoon. This should be noted that this pertains to any character card (backups, monsters, and forwards). Before the release of Opus VI, there are currently 3 uniquely named dragoons (Kain, Ricard, Freya) and 6 common cards named Dragoon – all forwards. Although this is vastly less than the potential number of standard units Pugilist can benefit from, one major difference that this new dragoon may have is that future sets (maybe even with Opus VI) may introduce backups with Job Dragoon. If that’s the case, this allows this Dragoon to be already bigger than Pugilist without any other unit on the field. This goes in hand with our favorite dragoon lady Freya which would also improve with the number of Job Dragoon or Card Name Dragoons available.

Another awesome thing to note is that this card can not only be searched by Brahne, but also by King of Burmecia. This goes with the already themed Water/Lightning Dragoon decks with the likes of Rosa & Kain.









Recently there was also a new Dragoon spoiled that could add to this tribal deck and that card is Estinien! While some have conflicted opinion with this card because it can not be cheated into play with the infamous Al-Cid & sort of forces you to move away from Water/Lightning Dragoons. We feel that the card could find itself a spot in a Mono Lightning Dragoon deck and are looking forward to testing it out with this 2 cost Dragoon as soon as the set releases! We can't wait for Freya to lead her Army of Dragoons with her Captain Estinien, we want to note that there seems to be a theme with dragoons as they keep releasing more, they seem to like to give a lot of Dragoons the Haste & First Strike key words. Maybe someday we will see a very fast and aggresive Dragoon deck!









While this Dragoon may not be immediately impactful with the release of Opus VI, we hope with the release of more sets and more cards, who knows if this Dragoon could be a card that would make a tribal Dragoon deck a reality! In the meantime, feel free to send all your foil Dragoons & King of Burmecia to Matthew Okimoto. He needs all the help he can get to build his Dragoon collection.

35 minutes into The Break Zone's stream of the Boston Crystal Cup you can see and enjoy Matt's Dragoon collection! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eW2TJxJcMT4&list=PLxt6z6GoCic3EPeuFsL1ioB7qRUcGE0Js&index=10

Thank you to Square Enix for allowing us to spoil a card that hits the heart of Meta Potion's own Matthew Okimoto!

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- Meta Potion Team

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