Opus V Spoiler: Unei

It’s that wonderful time of the year when preview hype for the next set is in the air! We’ve already seen a few powerful heroics and legends. I’m sure you all are already brewing around some of your favorite characters that have been previewed. With our exclusive preview card at Meta Potion, we get to see what power is packing in the rare category.

We all know that ice has plenty of ways to dull and/or freeze characters. There are a number of popular ice cards that exhibit ice’s strengths: Shiva (1-038R) and (3-032R), Snow (1-043H), Jihl Nabaat (1-193S), Vayne (2-026L), Genesis (3-033L), Bard (4-027C), Celes (4-038L), and Swampmonk (4-041R) to name a few. Dulling and/or freezing provides a way for a player to potentially remove problematic forwards as being possible blockers in combat for a turn or two. The downside is that the forward is still on the board and will eventually activate in the next turn or two unless another way to dull and/or freeze is used.

Our preview card Unei (5-027R), provides a possible long term solution for removing problematic forwards from interacting in combat. Before this card, Vayne (2-026L) was one of the other few cards that could lock out opposing forwards for multiple turns. However, Vayne is limited to 5cp forwards or more. Our preview card Unei could potentially lock out one target opposing forward for multiple turns – so long as Unei remains on the battlefield. Because her primary role will be to lock down an opposing forward for as long as she’s on the board, her 7k power can be overlooked as she may not be entering combat too often (unless ice is paired with another element such as wind or water).

Lets take a look at some cards that you might use in the same deck as Unei!

One of the first cards that comes to mind is Glasya Labolas from Opus V. Since Unei already dulls the opposing forward you could potentially use this summon to deal 7k to that dull forward + force your opponent to discard a card! A few other honorable mentions that affect dull forwards that could possibly go in a deck with Unei are Shiva from Opus IV & Cid Raines from the XIII Starter Deck!










I know some of you may argue that there are better cards that accomplish the same things Unei does. While we don't disagree with you, we want to point out that Unei applies a different role compared to cards like Genesis or Vayne. Unei is an indefinite lock down while she remains in play, regardless of the cost of the forward. Genesis only locks down for 1 turn, Vayne only affects 5 drops or higher. This card will shine more in a limited format where locking down a bomb is almost as equatable as removing it, especially because in the limited format there tends to be harder ways to spot remove forwards. But don't immediately dismiss this card! You could mold your deck to make it so activating Unei is not hard using cards such as Sylph, Fairy, the new Diabolos, or even cards like Hope from Opus IV!

Let us know what you think about the card on our Facebook page and maybe we can put our brains together to come up with a sweet deck where Unei can shine!

- Meta Potion Team