Opus 4 Spoiler: Vincent – Joe Leszczynski

Hi all, Joe here with Team Citadel Games! I’m super excited to be able to share this new Opus IV card with you all; Vincent 4-075!

Vincent 4-075 is a 5CP Earth Forward that has an auto-ability which allows you to search for another Vincent and add it to your hand. And it’s an EX Burst!! But what makes this even more interesting is that we’re at a point in the game where we have a plethora of other Vincents to search for—the most notorious one being Vincent 2-077 who has the devastating Death Penalty special ability!

Vincent 4-075 gives us a reliable way to both search for Vincent 2-077, and to use as fodder for Vincent 2-077’s Death Penalty! It’s an easy combination that I’m looking forward to trying out—especially with additional tricks with Magic Pot 4-094! You can play Vincent 4-075 and search for a Vincent to add to your hand, attack with Vincent 4-075 next turn, then use Magic Pot on Vincent 4-075 to bring Vincent 2-077 out! This way, you’ll have gotten in for a point of damage and be locked and loaded for a Death Penalty next turn.

















The fact that Vincent 4-075 is also an EX Burst allows to play with some of the old tricks Earth has used in the past, like the notorious Fusoya 2-146/Cecil 1-108 machine gun combo. Load your deck up with already popular EX Burst cards like Raubahn 2-093, Gippal 1-101, and now Vincent 4-075 and go to down with Fusoya 2-146 to deal 7000 damage to a forward which also trigger Cecil 1-108 to deal another 5000 damage to a forward. That’s serious firepower!

















And last but not least, we can’t forget about Vincent’s comrades—the members of the World Regenesis Organization. Having Vincent 4-075 out gives you a reliable way to make sure that your WRO Commander 3-086 will always get the extra +1000 bonus for having a card name Vincent on the field, and will in turn make him harder to remove, and make the WRO Member 3-084 a formidable forward at only 2CP. Yuffie 3-069 is sure to join the fight as well, with so many Vincents readily available, she’s sure to assist Vincent as much in Final Fantasy TCG as she did in Dirge of Cerberus!

I hope you guys enjoyed the spoiler, and are getting pumped for the pre-release this weekend. Till next time!

- Joe Leszczynski