Opus 4 Spoiler: Clione

Hi Everyone! Matt and Kyle here, it has been awhile since you have seen an article written by either of us but don't fret, we have the water to quench your thirst.

Courtesy of the FFTCG Team over at Square Enix observe a brand new Opus 4 Spoiler; Clione!

Clione, is a water element monster that can completely turn off summons. This little vermin has an effect we don't see very often in FFTCG. Currently there are only 2 other cards that have this power in the game, Summoner (1-053C) & Carbuncle (2-080C).









Now looking at these two cards I can immediately tell you Carbuncle did not see much play largely due to the requirement that it only cancels summons that target a character you control in play.  The other card, Summoner, actually began to see a lot of play toward the end of the Opus 3 Meta. Some may say having an on-board trick decreases the cards value however I see it more of a threat. Regardless if your opponent knows you can cancel the summon it's still an issue they have to think about anytime they want to win in combat or board with a summon.

Time to be out with the old, let’s bring on the new!

While neither of these cancel cards saw too much play in the Opus 3 Meta, Clione must have seen some play in the Chapter series, the previous version of the card used to cost 1. Ours now costs 2, a change we are glad to welcome. Cards that turn off the entire effect of a card are incredibly difficult to play against especially when they continue to remain in play until answered. Looking directly at Seven and its snakebite ability.

Clione reads: "When either player casts a summon, put Clione into the Break Zone. If you do so, cancel the Summon's effect. When Clione is put from the field to the break Zone, draw 1 card."

Let's break down each part of this text;

  • "When either player casts a summon put Clione into the Break Zone. If you do so, cancel the Summon's effect. " An important piece of text to note here is the word "either" this includes yourself. While you have Clione in play you need to be very careful about casting Summons or you could walk into a big misplay. Another thing to note is that this card is not unique and you can have multiple in play at once. This is something you would want to avoid because if you do have multiple in play the effects will trigger at the same time if a summon is cast and you lose value on one of them.
  • "When Clione is put from the field to the break Zone, draw 1 card." This seems to be a new piece of text they like to introduce on these Opus 4 monsters for all elements. Most, if not all monster cards we have seen so far that break themselves have the effect to draw 1 card if the are put from the field into the break zone. This is just icing on the cake to the already good effect!

This new, and relatively cheap cancel opens the door for slower more control oriented decks to potentially exist. One way to go about that, is to pair Clione with Gau.

Thanks to the Water package of Opus 3 we know how strong effects similar to Gau's are, thanks to Lenna (3-144L). Now the Water element has another force to be reckon with!

Gau allows you to get back Clione to have even more Summon hate at your disposal. And when Clione is done doing the big thing it still gets to draw a card!

We can't wait to see what other cards do that come out in Opus 4!

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- Meta Potion Team