Meta Potion – Organizing Play

Meta Potion - Organizing Play

Hey everyone, Kyle McGinty again.

This time on a new site, with a new name, and some new goals!

I want to take some time to introduce our organized play goals, and a new system created by us at Meta Potion to add yet another reason to attend Final Fantasy TCG events.

Job Points (JP) is the name of this system and its goal is to provide the community an understanding of how well players who attend Final Fantasy TCG events perform over time.

JP happens to be tied to a neat ranking system that will be fun for everyone.  

Before I spill all the beans though, I want to give you some backstory about the origins of Meta Potion and why we exist.

Origin Story:

Matthew Okimoto linked me a file of Chapter 1, the original Japanese version of the current card game we all know and love, telling us all about how it's coming to America SOON.  So he summons his crew and we all come through.  A group of six of us sat gathered around at his house and started jamming games with proxied cards before the game was even out yet in the U.S.  What a nerd!   

Just kidding, we all fell in love with the game as well.  Because of Matt’s initial love for this game and its current growing community that allowed us to become what we are today, we believe that a fully fledged site operating to  assist with organizing play would be needed to help further the growth of the game.  Thus, we at Meta Potion, have primary goals to provide these additional events, extend invitations to these events, and increase the proximity of where these events can be held.

Currently we are in the process of completing Season 1 of our grass-roots “SoCal Circuit.”  The goal of extending events outwards, potentially even beyond California itself, forced us to re-brand the events in a way that was more inclusive than the “SoCal Championship Circuit”.  Matt and I sat and discussed the different ways we could potentially do this with the intention that we also didn’t want to take away from friendly local game stores in any way.

Without game stores supporting the game there is no place to play.

We needed a program and a name that could work in tandem with stores and run these awesome events.

Meta Potion is our solution to that problem.

It took us months of holding events to see the demand and potential for the community.  The “SoCal Circuit” was our initial test you could say.

It only took one 42 man event (our first event) and we knew our work was paying off. Those of us involved all wanted a way to reach out and help communities further away than our own.  Passion for this game is one of the driving force for bringing OUR community together.

My attendance at every shop involved in the SoCal Circuit was another reason. I personally knew those at Card Game Coliseum, Tier 1 Games, and Magic and Monsters where we held our events.  This helped us understand that there is a need for a portal between ourselves and stores we cannot physically attend regularly.

Over 65 unique players came from all over the region to compete in the SoCal Circuit.

So without Meta Potion we have no way of finding interested stores, extending our invitation and becoming something bigger than just ourselves (e.g. SoCal Circuit).

Currently our first attempt in expanding will have the circuit extend to the rest of California.   

So if you or a store you know lives in California and wants to join the Meta Potion Championship Circuit. Please email us at [email protected] and let’s start working together.

While we are currently only extending throughout California it doesn’t mean we don’t want to go further, before we do that though, we want to verify the program works when we are not present.

So for now we would like to keep inclusion to stores as close to us as possible.


If you or a store you know wants to inquire about being a part of the Meta Potion Circuit in the future and you are outside of California please email us too!

We plan on using our Job Points system to help determine who gets qualified to our Meta Potion Championships.

Those working with us are going to need to help keep track of performance and qualification. Tournament organizers can do this by emailing the tournament results from your events.

The Job Points system is implemented to mimic the Job system from the ever popular Final Fantasy Tactics franchise, and spreads it out amongst players performance and attendance in our events.

Job Skill Rank
Squire Starting Rank
Knight Top 70%
Dragoon Top 60%
Mime Top 30%
Dark Knight Top 20%
Onion Knight Top 5%
Warrior of Light 1st place

Players earn points by attending Meta Potion supported events.

This can be your friendly local Meta Potion Social, or the biweekly Meta Potion Championship Circuit, the only thing that matters is that the TO is a collaborator with us.

We will be listing all collaborated events on so stay tuned and watch our calendar!

Players earn points through attendance and performance in events.

Here is the breakdown for Meta Potion Socials:  (Weekly Collaborated Events)

Meta Potion Socials
Point Break Down
> 16 players double points earned
Top 8 Points Assigned
1 5
2 4
3 3
4 3
5 2
6 2
7 2
8 2
9+ 1

We will also be coordinating the Meta Potion Championship Circuit.

A tournament circuit with several qualifiers leading into a free to play Championship event for those qualified.

These events will be exactly the same structurally as how we ran our initial SoCal Circuit.

Meta Potion Championship Circuits have a few requirements:

These are the same rules used and implemented to run the SoCal Circuit, it is why the SoCal Circuit succeeded and will be how we are able to run a Championship with free entry every three months.

1) Circuits happen every two weeks, exactly. -Tentative to change 

2) The schedule of circuits is split up evenly amongst all participating stores.

3) The store provides additional prizing for door prizes (This can be packs, promos, etc) at the stores discretion.

4) MPC’s have an entry fee of $15, this helps the store cover the costs of  additional prizing and venue space.

5) 1 pack per player is given out for attendance from the store for participation prizing, 2.5 packs per player are added to the prize pool of the tournament.

6) Tournament results are sent to [email protected]

7) 2$ of the entry fee per person from the event is sent via PayPal to [email protected]

This is to help us provide prizing for the Meta Potion Championship.

8) The store must provide a judge (normally this is a worker of the respective store) to judge the event.

Meta Potion reserves the right to remove a store from our roster if they refuse to run the events using the rules listed above.

We would hate to invoke this policy, lets work together for the community’s sake.

Job Points for Meta Potion Championship Circuit is as follows:

Meta Potion Circuit
Point Break Down
> 64 players double points earned
Rank in Event Points Assigned
1st 20
2nd 16
3rd 12
4th 12
5th 8
6th 8
7th 8
8th 8
9th-16th 4
17th+ 2

As you can see by attending an MPC you earn even more points, increasing your rank, and you too could have all the jobs.

Don’t be a Squire, you plebeian, be a lancer, be a Dragoon or even better, be a Warrior of Light!

First and Second place at each MPC qualify for the Championship, invite DOES NOT pass down, even if they are already qualified or are unable to attend the final event. Outside of that anyone who is a Dragoon or higher Job at the end of the season also qualify for the Championship. Ranks will be updated on a weekly basis.

We will be handing out custom pins for everyone displaying a character portrait of their ending Job during the Meta Potion Championship #1.