Post Haste

Hey Everyone,

Kyle McGinty here, wanted to talk about something different, something new, something exciting!

The team at Meta Potion has started working with me on publishing a game I designed, Post Haste.  Which is a light trick taking card game with a hidden identity bidding mechanic.

Kayla Lockwood, another member of this amazing community has joined us on the project and is doing all of the art. Because this is coming together from members of the FFTCG community we wanted to share it with you all first. And maybe even give a first hand glance at Gencon.   

I owe much of my life and my career to the games I have played and the communities I have been involved with in my life. Each game giving me something new to love in terms of mechanics and flavor. I have taken my favorite aspects of the games I have played and tried to use them creatively to make a really light and fun game for 2 to 4 players.

Matthew Okimoto will have a playable demo of the game available at Gencon. If your interested in checking it out, please let us know.

With your help we hope to release this through Kickstarter come October.

Here is a preview of what gameplay looks like:

Thank you for taking the time to check out one of Meta Potion's projects and please leave us some feedback at [email protected] after you have experienced the game at Gen Con, or if you have any questions just at first glance!

- Kyle McGinty