Meta Potion Christmas!

Merry Christmas, From: Meta Potion
By: Dan Nguyen and the Meta Potion team

It’s been a wild year for Meta Potion, as well as the Final Fantasy TCG in general. We’ve had more players join us, more cards come out, more tournaments, another Nationals and Worlds event, and made more friends along the way. It was a gift to be able to experience this wonderful community with all of you in 2018! We definitely heard the feedback that we don’t create enough content, and our cadence is a little sporadic. Our Christmas gift to you this year is a promise that we’ll do our best to be more active. We have a lot of great players on the team and we’re excited to share more of our thoughts and passion with you all. To kick it off, we’re going to have each member talk a little bit about what stuck out to them about this year and what they’re looking forward to next year.

Matthew Okimoto

The community is what stuck out to me this year. How awesome they are and how willing they are to help push the game is top notch. I look forward to all the Crystal Cups and hopefully qualifying for Worlds again; as that experience was magical. This entire year was full of great memories and here are a few that stood out; In a pub with Rob & JFB playing cards at Worlds using a sick phone app to order drinks & food to be brought to us, walking the night in London with Alex, JFB, and my wife trying to find a bathroom and walking into a secret private club to be escorted out by this huge bouncer, traveling on a plane with Greg, Brian to compete at Crystal Cups, getting super lucky to win the Boston Crystal Cup, Gen Con house party with RVA, Kody, Patrick, Michigan crew, and learning from all my mistakes throughout the year I hope I can apply that to become a better play for 2019!

Kyle McGinty

When Oki got EX Bursted on over and over again. But seriously, my Vegas trip with Greg Cole was an absolute blast. We drove up last minute to play in a Local Qualifier. I was playing an ice/water discard/monster hybrid focusing on Ozma. It was my secret deck leading into Nationals. I went undefeated at the tournament until facing off against Greg, who took it against me thanks to the play testing I had forced him to do early in the morning. Ozma is my joy. Merry Christmas Happy holidays. Hope to say more to you about flipping cards come the new year.

Dan Nguyen

This year had a lot of ups and downs for me personally, but what I’ll cherish most is actually getting feedback about the articles I wrote (even though there weren’t that many). Meeting people from out of town and having them tell me they read my articles or tried my decks, really meant a lot to me. Some of you may know that instead of traveling to the Kansas Crystal Cup, I ended up in the hospital instead. This made me pretty depressed, but this game and this community really gave me something to look forward to every week. Making new friends this year was great and I hope to meet more of you next year.

Thomas Nguyen

My favorite moment was the weekend of the Dark Crystal Cup and NA Championships. Being able to see everyone from the community coming together from all over to play was great. The event ran more smoothly than last year in my opinion, and the after events of just socializing with the community outside the game is one of the reasons I enjoy this game. The people are just that amazing. Another highlight was the California Crystal Cup and the Korean BBQ that followed. This is a long-standing tradition. If you play in California. It was amazing how many people in the community came out to eat and hang out after the event.

Brian Burkley

The 2018 competitive season has been filled with incredible memories thanks to the countless friends I have made in the most passion-filled TCG on the market. Surprisingly, my favorite memory of the year came from my loss at the North American Championship. Up until then my goal was just to get to the world stage, and to compete on the highest level this game has to offer. After my loss, I felt crushed. However, as the pressure melted away, I had way more fun than I did at any point during the tournament. I had a beer with the Chocobros, played in side events, and kicked Jordan Denk’s butt in Bunny Stasis (Shout out to my man, Irving). We probably gave the employees a shock when we pulled into their parking lot, with 30+ a party. I am also pretty sure that I set some world for most hugs given out in a weekend. Thank you to everyone who makes this community awesome. Brian “Belias” Burckley paging out.

Matthew Rice

I’ll try to make this quick, because honestly, I enjoyed every minute of it. The parts that definitely stand out though are seeing my beloved friends do well. My teammates, my boys back home, Max, Joe, Irving, JFB, Kody, the list goes ON! Seeing my dearest friends prove how good they are? I couldn’t be happier. I’ll definitely never forget the three of us topping the LCQ together, or watching the Mateus draw in Boston live with Burckley. Love you all. Let’s have another great and successful year.

Joshua Gardner

Hmmm. So I'd say I’m happy to be a part of the team, using conference rooms not meant for us at Nationals, and eating stale muffins instead of getting food like a normal person.

Andy Carmona

So for me, one of the biggest things I got out of 2018 FFTCG was getting out of my comfort zone and traveling. I have this irrational fear of flying that I’ve been trying to face for a while. Traveling to all the events did helped me control the anxiety I get. I’ve always wanted to visit California but I’ve been afraid of how I would handle such a long flight. Sure enough, participating in our 2018 Nationals tournament was a great distraction.

In Closing

Shout outs to our sponsors and partners at TCG Titans and Ultra Pro. Much love to all the friends and family members that put up with our obsession that is this game. Much appreciation to all the stores that have helped us host events this year; Card Game Coliseum, Spellhold, Tier 1, Top Deck Keep, Always Gaming, Brute Force Games, and Desu Nation. And thanks to everyone that touched Meta Potion in some way this year. Whether it was joining us at the Meta Potion Circuits, playing with us at Crystal Cups and Nationals, reading our articles, or interacting with us on social media. We hope you all have a wonderful holiday and a merry Christmas.

Team Meta Potion

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