Learning Lulu (Title Format) – Thomas Nguyen

Hey everyone, your favorite Lulu Lover Thomas Nguyen here!

It’s been a long while since I’ve been able to sleeve up Lulu in any sort of deck since nationals. However, with the upcoming Fan Fair event in Los Angeles, I’m excited to share the title deck that I’m interested in playing.  The following list was brewed up by none other then fellow Lulu enthusiast Dan Nguyen.


Unfortunately this being a title deck, the deck isn’t able to utilize some cards that have been showcased in many of the other Lulu decks we have featured on this page (such as Lightning Fusoya) that can combo and provide incremental advantage on top of the damage that Lulu is able to throw out. However, this doesn’t take away from the advantages that Lulu still offers in title.  Lulu is still powerful in its ability to free up backup slots.  With a good number of enter the field effects such as Seymour, Brother, and Shinra, Lulu allows you the ability to utilize these effects more than once in the game.









Also, you can’t forget that Lulu also provides the ability to throw damage at opposing forwards (much like Light Fusoya) using your backups as a resource instead of damaging yourself.  With the addition of the new fire Lulu, we have additional sources of Thundaga (which the included Seymour backup would help us pay for the activation).  In a pinch the fire Lulu could also be used for a pseudo one time activation to deal 7k and remove a backup slot.  Lulu (both lightning and fire) lets you deal with potential chump blockers as well as deal with larger forwards by trading with smaller forwards or in conjunction with your other removal (mainly Valefor).

Although Lulu stands out as the card I’m most excited to play with when it comes to title category X, most people will probably think of the YRP package. With the release of Opus 6, Gullwings became an interesting package to play with because of Rikku (Opus 6) and Paine (Opus 6).  These cards individually provided protection to other Gullwings which made it harder for opponents to interact with them.  When both Rikku (Opus 6) and Paine (Opus 6) are on the field together, opponents are prevented from targeting the two of them with both summons and abilities.









In constructed this was generally limited to the two of them (and maybe Bartz) as Yuna tended to be too expensive to play.  There were some one-time methods of providing your whole team protection (e.g.  Hashmal).   However, in title you have the opportunity to play different versions of Rikku and Paine which are also Gullwings.  For example, starter deck Paine is used in constructed for the free draw a card and resource activation.  With our deck full of Yunas and Rikkus, the effects of this Paine should almost be guaranteed.  Furthermore, the Paine would also be hard to interact with given the protections it gains from Opus 6 Rikku and Opus 6 Paine.  The starter Rikku is also a nice forward to have once we have the Opus 6 duo available. Having a 10k forward that can’t be targeted by opposing effects and summons is a pretty big hurdle for your opponents to address.  It is also able to protect itself so long as other versions of Yuna and Paine are on board.

By having both Opus 6 Rikku and Paine out, this means that most likely all your Gullwings will need to be dealt with through combat or via board wipes (e.g. Exodus, Sin, Shanttoto, Zalera).   This is extremely powerful in title as some categories have very few ways (if any) once YRP (Gullwings) are in position.

The other non-Gullwing Forwards were included to fill out the roster since we can’t have more Gullwings.  Sin is a no-brainer as one of the few board wipes to deal with wide boards (as well as opposing YRP strategies).  Similarly starter Tidus seems self explanatory as he gets cheaper based on how many other forwards we control and is also another big forward that your opponent would need to deal with.

One downside is that category X doesn’t quite have the quality summons that other category titles have.  Right now the starter Valefor is being chosen to provide a resource readying effect that could also help our smaller forwards trade up if necessary (or be combo-ed with Lulu).  With the release of Opus 7, Category X got an actual removal summon in their own version of Hecatoncheir (Yojimbo).  With the Gullwings protection, opponents would have few ways to interact with when this spell can be best used.  With the strength pump, this could potentially be used to win combats or be used to remove a team attacker attacking into a different Gullwing.

The backups also seem pretty good since we are able to double up on Rikkus (opus 1 and opus 2) and Lulus (opus 1 and opus 7).  This allows us the opportunity to use more Mugs and Thundagas.  Furthermore, both versions of Lulu also let us free up backup slots so that we can replay our searchers (e.g. brother/shinra) as well as get multiple uses out of Seymour and Yuna if needed. The Wakka provides another onboard trick to make our Gullwings bigger. I could be convinced to try and run a Baralai over an opus 2 Rikku just so I have the ability (if needed) to activate forwards on my turn.  I could also see adding another Seymour for removal.









In any case, thanks to Dan, I can finally play Lulu in both constructed and Title. If you guys have any Lulu brews, feel free to message me on Facebook!

- Thomas Nguyen

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