Job Points


Job Point System

JP = Job Points

This is the Meta Potion Circuit (MPC) point system created to weigh in on players progression throughout our circuit.

Meta Potion Socials

Meta Potion Circuit

Meta Potion Super Socials

After careful consideration the Meta Potion Team has decided that we want to adjust how to qualify for the Meta Potion Circuit Championship. Please see the below for the updates.

  1. Top 4 at each MPC will auto qualify for the Meta Potion Championship.
  2. Invites pass down, but do not pass down outside Top 8.
  3. First place at each MPC will also receive a round 1 bye at the Championship.
  4. Players must earn 20 or more points by end of the season in order to qualify for the Meta Potion Champs.
  5. Ranking will be tracked based on how well you do at each circuit event ONLY and be emailed to [email protected] by each store that runs an event and we will update the Rank Sheet.
  6. Ranking will be using the Meta Potion Circuit Structure
  7. The Meta Potion Social and Meta Potion Super Social structure will not be used this season.