Ice is Rice but Fire is still his Desire – Brian Burckley

Ice is Rice but Fire is still his Desire

Howdy Final Fantasy card game fanatics! Brian (apparently, “Big Buck”) Burckley coming at you with an updated deck list and funky fresh article. Last week at our meta potion event, I had a few people asking me questions about adjustments to their fire ice list. This is undoubtedly my favorite color combination so I took up the challenge and play tested the deck more to find some of the newer weak points now that other decks are rising to the surface (RIP Death Machine).

The deck overall did not change much but I did make some minor adjustments to really improve the decks ability to push for damage as the game progresses. The initial list that was played at the start of opus 8 still is strong but seems to struggle to close out games if the match takes too long and you opponent stabilizes. I found that I had no trouble getting my opponent to 5-6 damage but closing it out was sometimes a challenge.

Check out the link or deck list below for all the changes.


The deck can still crush it in the early game and go wide forcing you opponent to answer troubles some cards like Genesis and Locke. However, let's take a look at the updates and discuss why each card became more or less critical towards your overall strategy.

Lyse/Duke Larg:

This was probably my favorite adjustment to the deck. One of the reasons I found myself struggling to close out the game, or sometimes just apply pressure, was the power of my forwards was not always enough to “get in them guts” (Shout out to Chris Adams). While swinging with a Cloud or Kuja can often do work, punching with a beefy Genesis, Locke, Celes, or Lasswell will help to keep you in the driver’s seat. Lyse only gets sweet as the game progresses. You can Phoenix her back for sick combat tricks or plop her onto the board just when your opponent thinks they have a beefy forward to block with. These cards are also important because they put many of your forwards out for range for commonly played summons such as Glasya and Ramuh.


Since I know this card is a favorite of JFB’s and holds a special place in his heart, I won’t spend too much time on it. Celes was a great addition to the list for a few reasons: The card is a 3cp ice forward from category VI that has a potent ability early game or late game. Celes being a 3cp ice forward is important because it allows you to recur her with phoenix or scholar. Since she is an ice forward, she will receive the anthem buff from Duke Larg. While attacking with a 7-9k body may not sound sweet, soon you realize her dull ability is not hard to trigger with the number of VI characters in this deck.


Although this card looks like Matthew Okimoto, do not take him lightly. Palom is a wonderful utility card for the deck. His discard ability may come in clutch but I do not find myself using it very often. This card is great to play as a 2 CP body that can slow down anybody trying to race you with a quick freeze. This ability actually works well with the new Celes. There were several instances where I would dull one forward and the opponent would opt to chump block with another. I would casually proceed to main phase 2 and slam this cheeky fellow down.  Palom can also help to secure a safe push for damage when your opponent has left backups untapped. Play him and declare your opponents backups to be dulled. Watch your opponent sigh as they can no longer play their Tidus as a sweet combat trick.

Adjusting the numbers on some already existing cards can be tough. Dropping the number of Duncan in the deck seemed like the right call. His enter-play ability can be awkward at times due to his restriction on the cost of the opposing forward. His special ability is still live since we still run Sabin. I chose to prioritize Sabin as the indestructibility onto key forwards can be back breaking for your opponent. I increased the count on Kuja because his EX burst ability is amazing but sometimes you just wish you could have played the big body and gotten the effect off. I recall there were games where if I just drew him or any other dull effect I would likely win the game.

At the end of the day, I hope you enjoyed this deck breakdown. Please feel free to build this and terrorize your locals. If you have any thoughts please feel free to share them with us! Happy Birthday Matthew Rice and Chris Adams! That’s all I got for today. Thank you for checking in and feel free to say howdy and any upcoming events you see me at!

- Brian "Big Buck" Burckley

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