From Squire to Warrior of Light: A Greg Cole Article!

From Squire to Warrior of Light: A Greg Cole Article!

Hello everyone, I’m Greg Cole! Meta potion tournament player & California FFTCG dude!

This story is about my journey through Season 1 of the Meta Potion Circuit in Southern California, why I would recommend it to players, and how I plan to remain the Rank 1 position of Warrior Of Light a second time with Season 2!

If you’ve always wanted to stumble upon a magical gaming dimension in California where you can thrive in a safe sweetheart gaming community, have your wildest dreams come true, make friends that will last a lifetime, and possibly end up at Worlds, then this article is for you! …Lets get into it!

There are some serious benefits to being Meta Potion’s Warrior of Light, such as an exclusive play-mat & button & being a bounty for tournaments where if a player beats me they get a promo;

Note: This is an unofficial Final Fantasy Trading Card Game fan made prizing. This prizing is not operated by or affiliated with Square Enix; Square Enix accepts no responsibility or liability for the content available or views expressed hereon. 

But guess what? Anyone can do it! That’s right, anyone can. If you want to wake up one day with a good understanding of the game and reaping the benefits of being able to use the knowledge you gained along your journey against your opponents to top every tournament,  you can absolutely do it! The journey starts by attending every tournament hosted in your area every chance you get. Doing this will set yourself on the correct path to the World Championship and improving yourself as a player. Your mind develops the proper algorithms, paints the local Meta, and unlocks the most effective situations learned through experience! Meta Potion has created a transforming scenario where any member of the FFTCG community can come in,  and live their dreams through the FFTCG Universe. All you gotta do is attend tournaments and have fun!

Example of weekly schedule for me:

Note: About 4-6 hours a week attending local tournaments and having a blast with the community is one of the best ways to grow as a new player. I went from attending my first tournament with a starter deck, which is totally normal and highly recommend you do it as a new player, to now having this sweet Earth Deck that has helped me top lots of local events!

My bro Riccardo and I put a 100+ hour dent on our matching FF7 starter decks when we first started playing the game in 2017. I showed up to a 55 player constructed Meta Potion tournament at one of the greatest FFTCG game shops in all of California, Card Game Coliseum. This shop holds players such as Arvin Bernardo and Nathan Perez who were Top 4 at NA Nats 2017, along with Kyle McGinty who placed Top 8 at NA Nats 2017. Going into this tournament I knew it would be tough with that level of competition. I went 1-4 with my very own Golbez deck. I wanted to understand how to build/play the deck since it was a powerhouse at the time. I’ve been out for blood since! The Southern California FFTCG community happily went above and beyond to teach me everything I know today!

Through this journey after 6 months of battle through these higher level players, I developed a much better understanding of the game and now consistently top my local events! I realized any of us can make the same plays that some of the most successful players in this game make, just takes the drive and dedication to learn from mistakes. Understanding that, I came to conclusion that any of us can make it to Worlds just like Arvin & Nathan did, and its organizations like Meta Potion that allow a random person like me that did not know anyone going into the community to be on the correct road to becoming a national champion and contender at Worlds 2018. It’s as simple as going to every bi-weekly Meta Potion event and focus on learning from any mistakes you make in a tournament environment so that you do not make them at future regionals. Many of our locals have actually attended several Meta Potion and local events between release of the game and everyone has seen growth in their play.

As a new player, I love this game and its universe so much that I do all that I can to contribute to its growth in the community to this day. Final Fantasy Fans have consistently been some of the sweetest people I’ve ever met, so it was easy for me to go to an event and meet people that I felt were exactly like me. We all live in the same area, all play games, and just want to be happy together. This is what makes FFTCG so special as I could never do this with other games, meeting collectively to play face to face leading to knowing people beyond the game developing friendships. I continue to go to all the local tournaments, sometimes 2-5 per week. I’ve traveled to events big and small, judged at nationals which was a dream come true, and support everyone any way that I can even if they’re new players I don’t know personally. I have a vision, as well as many others, for California to become one of the best FFTCG regions. I know that with the newest Meta Potion schedule everyone will be at the same place at the same time bi-weekly and beyond, which could transform California to one of the best FFTCG regions competitively. 

One of the best parts of traveling to events to improve my gameplay is meeting people and making friendships that will last forever. From preparing for Final Fantasy tattoos with Matthew Rice & Kyle Mcginty at ARG Vegas, experiencing a magical dream come true by gaining judging experience at 2017 nationals for Square Enix, attending 4-5 tournaments a week for months, to one on one training sessions with my best buds, these are memories that will last for a lifetime. To my surprise I achieved enough points to become the highest ranked player in southern California for the Meta Potion Circuit! I may not have topped many major events along the way, however I sure as hell tried! Learning from each loss along the way and I did not let defeat stop me from finding happiness and passion in our community through this card game. The people I’ve met and continue to hang with every week is the real treasure here. There’s also so much stimulation of my mind playing this game or shuffling these cards. It’s a really therapeutic experience in all honesty. Anybody a month new or 1 year into the game can make it to the top 8 spots consistently, I still learn every time sit across from my next opponent and play a game!

I recommend this game to players who not only want to play a game that genuinely stimulates them casually or competitively and inspires them to play games, but also players who want to be part of a respectful, passionate, loving, and supportive community. I know that respect will come with a high level of sportsmanship among players, however I can't say I’ve been anywhere else that I’ve met so many down to earth sweet people! I honestly feel like the Final Fantasy universe has a magnet on great people, and FFTCG rounded them all up together! Also, be prepared to really, really like this game.

We are in the lab dude! We are play testing all the deck options, pouring chili flakes onto our decks, foiling out every single card, and dissecting the game through extensive research and development daily! I’m probably grinding on OCTGN too under the name VincentValentine, hit me up for a game! If I don’t go to every single tournament, I won't be able to breathe! I mean, were setting up community carpools for each tournament, preparing travel logistics whether its Las Vegas, San Diego, Anaheim, or across the US! Simply put, I not only plan on achieving Warrior of Light through Meta Potion Circuit Season 2 by attending every event and local tournament, but also qualifying for Nationals and Worlds 2018! This season I plan to win a Meta Potion Circuit event and top regionals! I just really love this community, love this game, and will do everything I can with my actions to play with more and more people to for years to come. Shout out to every single person internationally who goes well out of their way to support their communities and pays it forward every day/week.

I Love you Meta Potion! Shouts out to FFTCG TEAM SHFFL & all of the California FFTCG Community for making this a great experience. Also a big shoutout for the the entire FFTCG as a whole, lets keep it up!

Thanks to Ric, Arvin, Nate, Patrick, Jon, Brian, and last but certainly not least Matt, Angelica, Kyle for playing with me every week as I’d be nothing without you guys. I am so grateful for this community, thanks everyone… See y'all at Worlds!

- Greg Cole

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