Freya Freight Train


I know you all are preparing for nationals... so I wanted to give you a little sweet tidbit about dragoons, since they are widely known for getting an early jump on things.

Let's be clear it's actually pretty late, as we all rode the hype train of Freya for a long time.


This article will be short and sweet, I don’t want it to drag(o)on.

The consensus is, of course, Freya is pretty mediocre.

Frey not, my friends, if you are like me, you get the joke but you want it to be more than that.

So I imagine you're sitting, lance in hand, at your desk. As eager to see the list as you are to spike on your enemies.

Fellow Lancer I am with you, so much so, I have seriously taken the deck to shop.

Moving and adjusting numbers, adding and cutting cards, making the very best list I could.

You know what they say about lancers, here today - Dragoon tomorrow.

Well without further ado, HERE IT IS!


Forwards (24)

Backups (18)

Summons (8)

So let’s talk about Freya, she is an FF9 forward. This means Steiner and Eiko can search for copies of her. This is KEY to the decks operation, as you should always be able to use Freya for her S ability at least once in a game. What might be even more important than the search engine is Sage. Sage allows us to use our dragoons aggressively and then get back a 2nd or even 3rd Freya to turn on that S ability again.

FF9 package in conjunction with Sage allows us to dance with the dirty dragoon footwork in the Cherry Blossom’s every game.

Another advantage of a 3rd copy of Sage, is if we play tightly we don’t need to justify room for 3 copies of Kain or 3 copies of Warrior of Light, this opened up the space needed for me to add 2 Ghis.

I personally would rather have my numbers put me into a position to better rank my cards when it comes time to pitching them to generate CP.

Ghis can play every single forward of cost 3 or less in our deck and we get to draw 2 and discard 2 while we are at it.

I have a philosophy, one that I have encouraged strongly with my team here at Metapotion,

“Every deck must have a way to put two or more forwards into play at once.”

This is incredibly important to assist in setting up plays at the same rate as ALL the other decks do. If you examine the top lists you will always see the likes of the following cards:

Golbez, Al-Cid, Ghis, Lenna, Ingus, Shelke, Vanille, Exdeath. The list goes on and on and on.

Efficiency is hyper critical in this game, and the forwards mentioned above are all efficient because playing an additional card for free saves you CP.

BUUUUT please know that I myself will unfortunately not be playing this Lancer at Nationals.

Maybe you can prove me wrong, and run us all down at Nationals.

Okay, all jokes aside. I want to end on a cautionary explanation of the most powerful play this color combination has.

That is the use of Garnet with Cyclops. Garnet into Cyclops creates a 4k power disparity between forwards in play, your forwards get +1k power while opposing forwards get -3k power. Using this line will win you games if you're the person piloting the deck, and well will lose you games if you are on the other end of it.  

So do not leave your spear down and allow Garnet to Cyclops your squad down.

See you goons soon!