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It Takes a Village;

"If everyone is moving forward together, then success takes care of itself." --Henry Ford

2748 Messages. I’ve known the guy for only a couple months.  The thing is we have something we are both passionate about and we discuss it in depth each and every day; Our love for Final Fantasy TCG.

My name is Sam Riley. I started playing Final Fantasy TCG only just before Opus III dropped. I bought a starter and a couple packs of Opus II. I had opened a Foil Fusoya and decided that it was really good card and should go into the Water/Fire starter deck.  I ended up placing in the Top 8 with assistance from Fusoya and fell in love with the card and the water archetype ever since. In my days of playing Magic the Gathering I usually gravitated towards control. Well this felt like the closest thing! 

A month later and I was driving up to Atlanta for my first big event, a 1k event at Wasteland Gaming with my fellow voyagers; nine of our local shops players. My deck was a water/wind variant playing Emperor over Zidane. I placed Top 8 along with four of the people I rode up with. That’s right, out of the ten of us that drove up, five of us made Top 8. And that is how Team Eidolon Gaming came was born.

Zach was a key part of that team and sure it helps that Zach and I both have a strange addiction to Golbez and Fusoya decks but we also tend to gravitate towards a very competitive side.  

Even when we first formed the team, we often weren’t open with our deck-lists. We saw one another as the primary competition and took it very seriously. But with the birth of the Petit Cup and the Summoner Series, we have taken that competition to another level. We discuss deck-lists and cards just about every hour on the hour. It only took a couple of weeks of this for it to hit me; Why not start a podcast where we discuss these things live?

And that is how Chocobros was born. We did 3 episodes and it was fun. Chocobros is a podcast aimed towards the competitive grinder of FFTCG.  We wanted to provide the listeners with something they could enjoy while grinding other things, mostly life, work, etc. We find it exciting to be able to discuss how exciting things in FFTCG are right now.

Obviously with the drop of Opus IV, things are shaken up. And I’m shook. I knew Mono-lightning was going to be the deck to beat, but man am I kinda sad to see it win week 1. I guess I kind of expected this, but I was rooting for something new to come. Here in Florida, we have the Summoner Series approaching in just under a week.  You can bet Zach and I will be grinding out games every day until we come up with something we are comfortable with. Last time we spent time testing and tuning for an event, I went undefeated and his only loss was in the final round of Swiss, and it was to me in the Coolstuff - Jacksonville 1k

We have everything built from Wind/Water mill, all the way to Lightning/Wind ping and Wind/Earth ping.

We have four or five Fusoya decks built obviously. The printing of the 6CP Atmos has us pretty excited to be Ex-Bursting people. I particularly like that we can play cards like Zodiark now, as the addition of Pupu both gives us a way to pitch it when we need and is also a card that is good to hit off of the damage from Zodiark. This makes cards like Tidus better, which I already liked with Zeromus and Serafie. Along with cards like Belias granting haste and being an Ex-burst. And now the deck could have access to both monster Goblins and/or the Nono-Zemus package.

We also have a few Golbez decks as well. The printing of Marauder, Llednar, and Pugilist could make for some very aggressive versions, while cards like Babus and Ezel could help the more controlish builds.

The ping style decks centralized around Cactuar and things like Dadaluma or Orlandeau seem very good in testing, but we are a bit worried about Minwu and Cecil L. I suppose both decks have access to Archer but Cecil still seems like a problem. If that is the style of deck you like, I’d suggest not skimping on the Exodus. Having an out to Cecil is good, but so is not being a dog to Golbez.

Right now I believe I’m leaning towards Fire/Ice (FF VI package) or Monsters, but are going to have to test that Lightning matchup before we settle on a list.  

With the prevalence of Mono-Lightning, I could see myself leaning towards a Mono-water control list with 3 minwu, 2 Cecil-L, a couple of Merlwyb (Opus IV) and Steiner L. Steiner L in conjunction with Cecil seem like they could give Al-Cid and friends a run for its money. 

Also a huge concern for us is Emperor. It seems to be very good against every deck we build and unfortunately we never seem to have room in our own decks for Emperor, which could prove to be a fatal mistake in the coming week.

One thing is for sure. I know I have the best teammates working forward and this weekend is going to be a blast.

Anyway, some things are stirring and exciting things are happening. Chocobros Podcast is going to be reborn this week, as we are moving towards attempting to stream the feed live. I don’t know if it’s going to be pretty or ugly. Either way, we are excited. What this means is more viewer/listener interaction. Would love to take questions about deck-lists, meta, rules, etc.

Thanks for taking the time for me to introduce myself, talk about the merits of teamwork, and plug our podcast.  If you enjoy the podcast please reach out and let me know. I enjoy hearing that sort of thing, and if there is a direction or topic you want to see us cover, please let us know. We are open to feedback and would love to hear from you. Tweet at us at Chocobros_PC, subscribe to our YouTube channel so you can catch us live or just listen to us in the car on your way to and from work, or just stop by and say hi on Facebook.

See you in the stables,

Sam Chocobro Riley

"The strength of the team is each individual member. The strength of each member is the team." -Phil Jackson

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