California Community Corner: Luigi Moreno

Hello Everyone!

I've received the privilege of bringing you all an FFTCG article today and wanted to take the time to discuss my time with the game thus far.

Before playing FFTCG, I spent a few years playing competitive Pokemon TCG where I met a lot of great people who inevitably are now my very close friends. When FFTCG was finally announced, I was happy to hear that a lot of my friends would be picking it up on release. And so just like that, I sold off my Pokemon collection picked up my first booster box and the journey began!

So far I have not accomplished much in the game and my only "real" accomplishment has been a Top 8 finish at a Meta Potion Circuit event. I went 4-4 at Nationals and didn't really come close to a day 2 invite. At the California Petit Cup, I was almost guaranteed getting Top 8 but a pretty big misplay on my end in the last round resulted in me losing and going from 7th place to 25th. The lessons I've learned at these events have been with me ever since and influence every decision as I look toward the future.

Fast forward to the present and I am currently preparing for the upcoming Meta Potion Circuit Season 2. Fortunately enough, I am part of the FFTCG California scene and receive some of the best practice available for the game. My practice partners include former World's competitors Nathan Perez and Arvin Bernardo. You can say they have played the mentor role in my journey to learn the game. Although I wish they would take things a bit more serious sometimes instead of constantly joking around whenever I ask for advice. This comes in the form of recommending poor deck choices for upcoming events. Nathan in particular is probably the most guilty of this. His reply always seems to be "Mono Foil" whenever I ask which deck I should take to an event. Of course, I end up listening and doing poorly with the foil untested deck, but at least I have fun playing it! Arvin on the other hand is a bit more serious. Whenever I ask for advice, he tends to provide honest answers. A little secret about Arvin is that it was my encouragement for him to play his famous EX-Burst deck in Nationals, which got him his free trip to Japan.

My practice with them has taught me to always keep a decent sized hand and to always plan my attacks around EX-burst as much as possible when swinging for damage. Although these may seem like pretty basic lessons, they have been the foundation with how I approach each match. This has been a both a blessing and curse. There have been times where I needed to go against these fundamentals in certain match-ups but I chose to stick with what I've practiced, which can end up costing me a game. This is where being part of the California scene has been crucial for me in growing as a player.

I have started expanding my play groups and testing a bit more vigorously against different players, play styles, and archetypes. If you wanna do well in this region, you have to put in in the effort in order to get results. Something that my fellow teammate Gregory Cole has taught me well. So for the upcoming Meta Potion Circuit, I will be trying my best to make it to every event and continue to grow as a player in hopes that I can join my fellow teammates on that podium one day.

As for those who are just joining our community or still on the fence on whether this is the game for them, best advice I can give is to just get out there and play! There are a lot of resources out there that require very little investment if you just want to play the game casually before investing into any physical cards.

The below sites are a very good starting point for any new player...

Mognet and Metapotion tend to do a very good job of bringing you the latest updates on the game as well as the latest deck lists that are performing well. If you want general ideas on less known deck archetypes but don't know where to begin, that is where FFDecks comes in. I hear there is a very good dragoon deck lurking around that site that's pretty popular. And finally, once you have a deck that you feel fits your desired play-style, you find your way to OCTGN. It is a free virtual tabletop environment that has been fully integrated to support FFTCG. This is the go-to when it comes to play-testing new decks without you requiring to actually buy the physical cards. You will have the opportunity to play a plethora of different deck archetypes and prepare yourself for any upcoming events. Everyone in this community is very friendly so if you ever have any questions or if you are ever unsure about something, the FFTCG Facebook groups will be where you ask any of your questions. Ask away and don't be shy. I am very confident that anyone who makes the effort to learn the game will enjoy it and has the potential to do well.

Below are just a few FFTCG Facebook groups I'd recommend for players:

Content Creator Facebook Pages:

This concludes my time with you and hope to bring you a top 8 report some time in the future once I prove myself in one of the most competitive FFTCG regions out there.

- Luigi Moreno

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