Burckley’s Brewing Bonanza – Fire / Lightning

Howdy everyone! Brian checking this week for a Meta Potion article. Most weeks I like to show up to locals with new ideas or revisions of old ideas. A few weeks ago I brought back a deck that a few friends of mine played in Opus V, Fire/Lightning Aggro. I have always been a fan of decks that like to turn sideways and that's just what this deck does… except ideally Gilgamesh.

The general concept of this deck is to rush your opponent with early damage. Then, steal the game with clutch cards like Vaan, Ramuh, Red Mage, etc. Often times, decks have difficulty versus this concept because you are skipping set up by jumping straight into slamming bodies on the board. Current decks in the meta typically take at least a few turns to establish some type of set up; earth/wind, wind/water, mono wind, etc. The fire/lightning deck shines at taking slower decks and forcing them to play at your pace, FAST!

Check out the list below and I’ll highlight my favorite cards from the deck.


Let’s take a little bit closer of a look at some cards. Starting with Gilgamesh

Gilgamesh can be a scary card for 2 crystal points. Even in mono lightning he is a very cost efficient body. This deck likes to really focus on making him into a beast with various forms of pumping power into is legendary card stock. Cards like Ramza, Garland, Gadot, all buff Gilgamesh. Once he hits the 10k barrier, casting a card like Belias on him can be back breaking for your opponent. After 2 blocks, he no longer dies due to first strike. Your opponent is no down 2 forwards and you are that much closer to winning the game!

Next, lets discuss a bit about Vaan!

Vaan usually is too slow for decks to take full advantage of but this deck is jam packed with cards that give him haste. There are a total of 15 cards in this deck that grant haste. This can be very scary late game when you slam him down and your opponent is not ready. He can even buff your Gilgamesh by 2K to push him up to that 10K beat down breaking point. Lastly, Vaan is searchable in this deck via Gramis and can be recurred by sage so there really is not much reason to play 2, We don’t want to get cluttered hands.

Finally I want to highlight Meeth!

This was probably my favorite red card of the last set. It can take those pesky backups and turn them into more bodies for this deck to slam on board. Worst case scenario you are probably dumping Gilgamesh into your Break Zone to search for a better alternative while setting up to drop a powerful 2 drop Gilgamesh in a few turns.

Well, that is it everyone, I hope you all enjoyed this article and please do let me know on Facebook if you would like to see more stuff written by me! Also I want to take this time to wish both Matthew Rice & Steven Arboleda Happy Birthday Today!

- Brian Burckley

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