Deck Tech: Mono Water

September 1, 2017 0

Deck Tech: Mono Water Forwards (24) 3x [3-130R] Cagnazzo 3x [3-137R] Steiner 3x [3-139C] Knight 3x [3-144L] Lenna 2x [2-121H] Ashe 2x [2-139C] Larsa 2x [3-129L] Garnet 2x [3-154S] Zidane 1x [1-167C] Viking 1x [3-142H] Famed Mimic Gogo 1x [1-158H] Cloud of Darkness 1x [3-138H] Ceodore Backups (16) […]

Combo Breaker: Phoenix Combo

August 28, 2017 0

Combo Breaker: Phoenix Combo In this first installment of Combo Breaker we are going to look at the summon Phoenix and decide how we will […]