Anti Meta McGinty!

Hey Meta Potioners,

Kyle here, back at it again. This time I plan on sharing my views of the format through a different lens. I want to examine the defining decks of the format and compile a list of the best cards to add to your decks to take on these powerhouse meta decks.

In my opinion, the two most powerful decks of the format are Wind/Earth (Dadaluma/Cactuar) and Water/Wind (YRP/Yuri/Chelinka). Each of these decks share some similar characteristics – they utilize one of the best summons in the game (in Diabolos), have many different resilient threats, and also have efficient/cheap combo removal. Diabolos can very easily two for one a board if your game plan involve any 5+ cp forwards coming into play. Because of the presence of this summon, I want to try and minimize the impact of this summon by only using forwards that cost 4 or less. Sorry Delita 5cp, you would have made the list otherwise (although making your opponent take a damage to kill Delita off isn’t that bad either).

So here is a brief list of cards I think everyone should start playing so we can get beyond the days of Cactuar/Dadaluma and Yuri/Chelinka...

10) Dorgan (7-056H)

Dorgan is an excellent card, this guy is extremely versatile. One of the things people forget about this card is that it's a threat for as long as it remains in play. I'm very interested in the idea of playing this card in Water/Wind Monsters with an FF9 focus for Ozma. I think there is a very potent surprise factor deck there. Not that I am pushing an agenda, and yes I think Ozma is one of the best monster cards in the game.

9) Capricious Reaper (2-039C)

Capricious Reaper is a strange card to include. The thing about this card is that it applies pressure in a way that most cards do not. If your opponent doesn’t kill it in combat or can’t kill it in combat it will net points of damage, kill opposing blockers, or take out a card or two from the opponent’s hand (when chosen by an opponent’s ability or summon). I wouldn't be surprised to start seeing this card more frequently to keep Dadaluma and Cactuar in check.

8) Ark Angel EV (4-097H)

Ark Angel EV is a card that is a lot harder to kill using Cactuar + Dadaluma, Alhanalem or any cards of the like because of its -2k damage reduction from character. I believe this card may be positioned to steal some wins against the meta due to the two decks being unable to efficiently remove this card off the board.

7) Bahamut (1-018L) / Raiden (4-114L)

Summons that remove forwards from the game seem great. These cards help turn off cards that get recurred. Although both the prominent meta decks also utilize Y'shtola, there are ways that we can also try and remove Y’shtola off the board first before relying on these summons. For example, perhaps we can use Cinque’s (Opus 3) ability to force a block or Illusionist (Opus 6) that forces an attack so that we can remove her in combat. Also 4cp Dark Emperor can be played the turn before you Bahamut or Raiden!

6) Ramuh (6-102R)

If timed correctly this card can straight steal games. Not to mention that it can single handedly foil the entire plan of Wind/Earth. Good to stay in decks if you can afford the space. Can also be supplemented by including a copy of the new lightning forward/monster Zapt.

5) Dragon (4-106C)

This card can be recurred in several accessible ways and is a great answer for Yuri and Dadaluma, Cactuar, Y’shtola and many other threats in the current meta. Keep this card in mind.

4) Porom (5-135L)

Action abilities are one of the most common deck defining outputs that these two decks share. Having a draw effect on enter play and EXburst as well as the versatility of turning off action abilities makes this a card to keep around. Believe it or not this card operates extremely well even as a single copy. You never know when you might draw a bad hand or play against something where this card truly shines. People often forget that this card can stop Yuri activations, miner activations, and so many other important action abilities.

3) Minfilia (6-079L)

I am a huge proponent of silver bullet cards and tempo swinging answers. Minfilia allows us keep those cards in the discard pile and get them back when the time is right. I thought the Lightning / Earth Lulu deck, piloted by Ian at the Florida Petit Cup, was brilliant to include two copies of this card. The card lets you answer opposing light and dark cards (Yuri, Kam’lanaut, Chaos).

2) Emperor (2-147L)

I wanted to mention this guy. I feel like he hasn’t seen much play since the rise of other dark forwards, with options like Galdes, Nidhogg, and Kam'lanaut. It makes it very difficult to include only 1 or 2 copies of this guy. However if you remember the days of the meta from opus 1-4 players regularly petitioned to have this card banned as it stopped a lot of interaction. Well guess what it still does. This card turns off Yuri, Dragon, Minifillia, Y’shtola, etc… The list literally goes on. The Colon (“:”) Stopper is very real. I hope this card starts to see more play, especially in decks that create other points of interruption. Backing Emperor behind a Clione and a Minwu seems like a very quick way to piss off the guy or gal on the other side of the table relying on Cactuars to kill things.

1) Minwu (1-171H)

Matt, Brian, and myself all lost to Minwu backup at the Arizona Petit Cup – we all chose to play wind/earth (Dadaluma). Brian Huynh (the winner of the Petit Cup) included two copies of the card. This card minimizes the pinging effects that Cactuars, Dadaluma, Alhanalem, Valefor, etc… allowing the two decks to kill forwards efficiently. In my opinion, this is the best anti meta card that you could add to your decks to make your matchups against wind/earth and wind/water a little bit easier. Props to Brian for including Minwu in his deck to address these two popular decks.

Brief disclaimer, this is only my personal anti meta list and likely won’t line up with everyone’s. It is possible there are cards I left off or didn’t remember. Please let’s start a conversation and list out anything I might have forgotten. Let’s push wind/earth and water/wind off the format. I am so bored playing with and against those decks. Thanks for reading and looking forward to discussing this in further with anyone who wants to.

-Kyle McGinty

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