Andy’s Analysis

Andy's Analysis

Welcome back everyone! Manderville’s own inspector extraordinaire and lightning enthusiast himself, Andy Carmona, coming back at you again with some new Meta Potion content.

Today I wanted to bring praise and awareness to our lord and lightning savior (7-087R) Exdeath.

With the rise of the Veritas Meta, Exdeath has started to feel not as much of a burden to play now that you can commit a space to your back up line for him and use it as a character sacrifice on a Veritas break resolution effect if need be. Now you're probably telling yourself, “I 100% agree with Andy, he is the best, but I am not always sure what I should be reviving with my super awesome Exdeath effect.” No worries fam, heres some of my top choices for each element that should almost always get you out of a pinch.

FIRE: (3-017L) Vivi

So let’s start this off with the rising superstar element of opus 8, Fire. My choice for revival on Fire is 3cp Legend Vivi. Having the versatility to use your opponent’s removal cards against them will always feel good. This option will present a forward and almost always remove a threat on the opposite end of the field. Doing so will net you some value or at least buy you an extra turn. This play might also remove your opponent’s only good Phoenix target. One thing to always consider is that you don’t always have to present Exdeath as your 5th backup slot. Being played as your third backup allows you to start using your options earlier.

EARTH: (5-075L) Wol

Wol is the embodiment of a "Swiss Army Knife." Always the right tool for the right job. Chances are, while playing against anything earth there is a splash of 20+ ExBurst waiting to ruin your lines of play. Being able to resurrect a Wol should prove quite problematic for your opponent as you’re hitting for points of damage with this safety net. The only downside is that Wol doesn’t answer the board immediately, but once you’re able to enter attack phase things should start shifting in your favor.

WIND: (3-056H) Zidane

The party pooper himself! Here’s the scenario you create by choosing Zidane. You are presenting both a backup and a forward, you’re removing CP and most likely a key card from your opponent’s hand, and you’re gaining hand knowledge. Considering all the previous benefits, this is why I choose this Zidane over his 4cp counterpart if available. Once again for the people in the back, you don’t need to reserve your Exdeath for your 5th backup slot.

WATER: (5-135L) Porom

This is a tough contender since CoD might be considered a better target, but for me I feel Porom offers a lot more options when hitting the field. Unfortunately, CoD has that 5cp target on her head that Diabolos likes to snipe. That puts her lower on my list and raises Porom’s usefulness just above. Porom’s utility comes from fishing the top 3 cards of your deck for some of your combo pieces or just CP value in general. Don’t sleep on the action ability negation either. Since its not color locked for activation, you can threaten to stop some key action abilities like Y'shtola, or Star Sibyl. This adds some dimension to a pretty streamlined deck. Just between us, If your opponent has a (7-117C) Tidus in the break zone, grab that first, bounce Exdeath, AND THEN grab Porom.

ICE: (3-033L) Genesis

Seems like a no brainer at this point but Ice just has some stellar forwards to contend for on this list. Genesis just seems to be the most well rounded of the bunch. Genesis offers the ability to disable a forward for a couple of turns and you can threaten with haste to knock a card out of your opponent’s hand. Chances are you’re always guaranteed to see a couple of Genesis in any ice list regardless of variants.

LIGHTNING: (6-088L) Estinien

The staple game ender, Estinien, is a top choice with its synergy of playing Exdeath on four backups so that it makes turning on his haste easy, making him a power house. Estinien does come with his cautions since it’s not always the most optimal line of play. Being 5cp instantly puts a target on his head for Diabolos sniping, so its not always the correct play. Just make sure when committing to Estinien, he’s got a clear shot at two free damage.

LIGHT: (7-128H) Yuri

Hey remember this card? Yeah, it’s still good and it’s still quite popular. I like Yuri as the main light target since you’ll rarely run into a Rain outside of a meme deck. The other "Swiss Army Knife" of FFTCG, Yuri offers several tools to answer the board accordingly. Time your recursion correctly and Yuri will serve his purpose exceptionally well.

DARK: (2-147L) The Emperor

Not as popular anymore due to Veritas and Kam being the top dogs of dark, this card is able to shut down your opponent's game plan pretty consistently such as cracking that Star Sibyl. Shutting down your opponent’s action and S abilities is still just as crippling as ever. It’s just how well can you keep Emperor alive to reap the benefits.

And there you have it Ladies and Gents, A simple guide on what to Exdeath when in doubt. I hope this article will serve you well in your future matches, unless they errata Exdeath at a critical point in your match.

As always, thank you for spending your time with us and feel free to sound off in the comments below, I want to hear what some of your favorite Exdeath targets are.

The Manderville Man will return…

- Andy Carmona

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