Andy Carmona – Reunion Recap!

Hello Ladies and Gentlemen! I Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend packed with everything FFTCG related. For those who were not able to catch the stream, I hope I can do this article justice in summarizing the day’s events. So without further ado, let’s get started!

Cards of Ivalice's Reunion/Petite Cup was such an amazing event. This marked the 1st tournament of the pre-season and what a way to kick it off with over 90 of the finest community participants from all over the United States. With the help of the RVA boys, Adam Lane, Chris Adams, and fellow MetaPotion bad boy Matthew Rice, we wanted to make sure you didn't miss any of the action as we live streamed for over 10 hours of uninterrupted quality coverage.

From a competitive constructed event to the highly anticipated All-Star Draft, the reunion offered several events for all types of players. During Swiss rounds you would randomly hear the Final Fantasy Fanfare (level up theme) which indicated a raffle winner. Midway through the event we had pizza and drinks provided; which was covered already by the tournament entrance fee.

James Lockwood and his crew excelled exceptionally well to ensure things ran very smooth. We had Kayla Lockwood expertly navigating the Swiss rounds and match results. Maxwell "Foils" Williams head judging with the assistance of the very dapper Jason Toro aka Freddie Mercury. Everyone was just firing on all cylinders.

Here's a breakdown of the All-Star draft which I thought was amazing:

  • During constructed top 8, we were all handed 4 packs and seated at a table of 8 players. These tables would draft normally. Followed by playing a single elimination round of Swiss until each table had 1 winner. Once we had our top 8, they would then all sit at one table and draft "special packs" from RB’s personal FFTCG collection. This meant that not only were there Legendary foils, but also very rare promo cards such as: the Gabranth 30th anniversary edition stamped foil, a full art Noctis autographed by Ray Chase (NA voice actor of Noctis), The A-001 first ever printed Final Fantasy Trading Card, and the alternate art Laswell Promo that was only available at the FFBE fan fest.

Now this may all sound very nice, but man did they throw in a curve ball for the top 8 draft. RB threw in the Ol’e Rare hunter Yu-Gi-Oh! stipulation. WINNER GETS TO KEEP 1 CARD FROM THE LOSER’S DECK!!!! So, even if you drafted these Loot cards, it didn't mean you would keep it if you lost. Since this was still single elimination, once you lost you lose a card and you don't have a chance to win anything back. Oh and if that wasn't enough…this is just how nutty All-Star draft can be! Dan Cousillas, one of the top 8 drafters, drafted a complete working Opus 1 Golbez(1-135L) for his deck! Dan was popping off Golbez with Delita(1-112R) and Gippal(1-101R) combo respectively. Very advanced.

Before this gets any longer and I start to lose focus, I want to give a huge congratulations shout out to all of the top 8 finalist!

So much love for our first Petit Cup and new Cards of Ivalice Champion Ian Velez. Now I can finally say I’ve seen Yuri get hit with a Thundaga <3. AAAAAND! Much respect for 2nd place David Duccasi. He is one of our own Miami local players who instantly fell in love with this game and has never once dismissed his love for red cards. Way to make Shia Labeouf happy by not letting your dreams be dreams. To all of top 8: You guys put up one hell of a good fight and it goes to prove that grinding matches over and over again does pay off.

Well Guys and Gals, I would love to stick around and chat more about how amazing the reunion was, but Nashu and I just got another hot lead on a case. So to get the TL:DR out of the way here are some key points to summarize the summary:

  • This community is awesome (as said time and time again)
  • Reunion was a huge success!
  • Staying in a house with 13+ TCG players is intense
  • EmoTempest is the best Ganon Main in SSBU
  • All-Star draft is the most cutthroat fun ever
  • Jim Doolittle and his Zu Pew deck blew my mind. The man is a genius.
  • Bunny Stasis is fun as hell, and you should pledge to it on Kickstarter now!
  • Make sure your extension cords have a grounded port
  • I regret not playing purple cards
  • Florida trophies stay in Florida =p

Also, if you missed both streams we have the following:

Pre-Reunion stream fun at TCG House via rated (PG:13)

Reunion Stream via (rated PG)

Thanks everyone!

- Andy Carmona

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