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Meet the Team

North American Division

Matthew Okimoto

Mostly known in SoCal for being a founder of the Meta Potion Circuit, with multiple Top 4's and 1st place finishes throughout the entire competitive season in 2017 & 2018! As a Worlds 2018 Competitor and missing out barely on Top 16, Matt is hoping to continue to improve to perform better this upcoming year! He enjoys bringing the community together, brewing decks, & discussing card choices. If you attend any event that he is at don't forget to stop by, say hi and maybe even jam some games in!

Kyle McGinty
Kyle has two top 8 national finishes in TCG’s. His first was with Wow TCG, his second with FFTCG. He currently works on HEX TCG. You could say he follows his passion to the fullest. Luckily, we have his passion helping Meta Potion.

Dan Nguyen

Dan is a full time game play analyst for Hearthstone and brings a lot of that analytical skill to Final Fantasy TCG. He was able to reach 10th at the first US Nationals and was Champion of the Meta Potion Circuit Championship Season 1. His opinions are his own and do not represent Blizzard Entertainment.


Thomas Nguyen

Thomas is one of the editors for the MetaPotion. Mostly playing competitively in the Northern California scene, Thomas has had some successes winning a few MetaPotion / The Break Zone events and placing top 8 in a number of others. Thomas also placed 22nd at the first National tournament held in LA (September 2017). Thomas loves his control/value decks and you can bet that if Heroic Lulu can be used, it’ll be included.

Brian Burckley

Over the past year Brian has developed a passion for the Final Fantasy TCG and community. He managed to top 8 in his first tournament at the Tier 1 SoCal Circuit. Since then, he has been hooked. He got second place at the California Petite Cup after going undefeated in Swiss. He is happy to be a part of Meta Potion and the incredible FFTCG community.

Matthew Rice

Known for playing decks with the aggressive play style, normally of the Fire element, with 10+ years in the TCG industry, Matt is passionate about any game he touches and wants to be the best he can.  He is constantly brewing, testing, improving, and giving his all for the community. Matt who is known more by the name "Rice" is a welcomed part of the Meta Potion family and looks to combine his background and experience to further push the entire team to the next level!

Josh Gardner

Starting with Magic the Gathering and playing many others, Josh has been involved in competitive TCGs for over 15 years. Now that he is focusing on FFTCG, Josh is looking to turn those past experiences into accomplishments. With the near taste of victory being stolen from him from the first U.S. National event in 2017 by a single damage, Josh is aiming to renew his bid for Worlds at the upcoming National event in 2018 as well as strive for additional achievements later down the line in 2019 and beyond. Josh enjoys analyzing different Meta Games for FFTCG and brewing decks that not only are well positioned but are unexpected to his opponent. Look forward to some innovative decks and articles coming your way here on Meta Potion!

Andy Carmona

THE MANDERVILLE MAN! aka Mono Lightning Enthusiast!!!!

I started out playing competitive TCG with YuGiOh! in which I consecutively topped and won my fair share of regionals. I quit competitive card playing for a couple of years and just concentrated on Fighting Games like UMVC3 and SFV. About a little over a year ago I was introduced to FFTCG. After playing at my first FFTCG competitive tournament at Orlando for the Summoner series and placing 4th, the hunger for competitive play was unleashed. Since then I have won the Petit Cup Tampa, Cards of Ivalice 1st year anniversary tournament, 5th place finish at the First Crystal Boston going undefeated in Swiss, and again finished 7th and 14th at CC Indianapolis for Sealed and constructed. With my skill & knowledge in the Lightning element, I plan to work with the Meta Potion Team to further improve myself as a player and the team overall! I love reinventing the Mono Lightening deck for every major tournament. Who knows maybe next year I’ll learn about a different element…yeah, no.

Chris Neal

Chris has been playing card games for 20+ years with Magic being the primary game where he has several money finishes in competitive events. He has also been playing Final Fantasy games for 20+ years and feels like FFTCG may be the best game and community he has been a part of. A Worlds 2018 and 2019 competitor who is always trying to get better. He is happy to be a part of Meta Potion and hopes to help everybody including himself improve and have fun. If you see him feel free to say hi as he likes theory crafting and jamming games with aggressive decks.

European Division

Joshua Freeman-Birch

The G.O.A.T. , Worlds commentator, Worlds competitor and all around great person. Rather it comes from in depth guides on deck building and card evaluation, to trolling friends at Nandos, JFB is a great addition to the team and we are looking forward to this new start of our European Division!

Team Accomplishments

North American Division:

Square Enix Official Events


  • North American Nationals: Top 8 (2 players) & Top 16 (2 players)
  • California Petit Cup: 2nd place & Top 4


  • Tampa Petit Cup: 1st place
  • Boston Crystal Cup: 1st place & Top 8 (2 players)
  • Toronto Crystal Cup: Top 4 & Top 16
  • SoCal Crystal Cup: Top 4 & Top 16
  • Sealed Indianapolis Crystal Cup: Top 8 & Top 16
  • Constructed Indianapolis Crystal Cup: Top 8 & Top 16
  • Local Qualifier @ TDK (37 man): Top 8
  • Local Qualifier @ Brute Force (29 players): Top 8
  • Local Qualifier @ Darkside Games (17 players): Top 8
  • Local Qualifier @ Desu-Nation (36 players): 1st place & Top 8
  • Local Qualifier @ GMI Games (36 players): 1st place & Top 8
  • Local Qualifier @ Galaxy Games (29 players): Top 4
  • Local Qualifier @ Arizona (24 players): 1st place
  • Local Qualifier @ Miami (13 players): 1st place
  • Local Qualifier @ Michigan (16 players): 2nd place
  • Seattle Crystal Cup: 1st place & Top 8
  • Los Angeles Crystal Cup: Top 8 & Top 4
  • North American Nationals: Top 4 & Top 8 & Top 31 (2 players)
  • Worlds 2018: 19th & 28th


  • Arizona Petit Cup 2019 - Top 8 & 2nd place.
  • Fire Crystal Cup (Tampa): Top 32 (2 players)
  • Water Crystal Cup (Oregon) - 1st place & Top 16 (2 players)
  • Local Qualifier @ Brute Force Games (40 players): 1st place
  • Local Qualifier @ Tier 1 Games (34 players): 1st place, Top 4, & Top 8
  • Local Qualifier @ Desu-Nation (28 players): 1st place

Community Ran Events


  • Summoner Series - Ifrit - Las Vegas: 1st place & Top 4
  • Summoner Series - Ifrit - Florida: Top 4 & Top 8
  • Summoner Series - Ramuh - San Jose: Top 4
  • Cards of Ivalice 1st year Anniversary Tournament: 1st place
  • SoCal Circuit Season 1: 1st place & Top 8
  • Meta Potion Championship Season 1: 1st place & Top 8
  • Meta Potion Championship Season 2: 1st place & Top 8
  • The Break Zone Circuit Championship Season 1: Top 4
  • OCTGN Open: 2nd place
  • Meta Potion Championship Season 3: 8th place (2 players)


  • Meta Potion Circuit #1 - 1st place & Top 8
  • Meta Potion Circuit #2 - Top 4 & Top 8
  • Meta Potion Circuit #3 - 1st Place & Top 8
  • Meta Potion Circuit #4 - Top 8
  • Meta Potion Circuit #5 - Top 4
  • US OCTGN Open - Top 4

European Division:

Square Enix Official Events


  • Top 8 UK Nationals 1 2017
  • Top 6 Euros 2017
  • Top 7 Worlds 2017
  • Top 4 Winter Cup Wales 2017


  • Top 3 UK Nationals #2 2018
  • 1st place Winter Cup Milano 2018
  • 1st place Spring Cup Paris 2018
  • Top 8 Spring Cup Cologne 2018
  • Top 4 French Nationals 2018
  • Top 4 Grand Open Bologna 2018
  • Top 4 Grand Open Bochum 2018
  • Top 2 Commentator Grand Open London 2018
  • Top 2 Commentator Worlds 2018
  • Top 4 Winter Cup Wales 2018


  • Top 4 Ice Crystal Cup Germany 2019
  • 1st place Water Crystal Cup Norwich 2019
  • 1st place Wind Crystal Cup Milan 2019