A Minute with Rice! – Water/Lightning FFV

Hello again! The last article seemed to be a good success so we're back!

This time I decided to bring Water/ Lightning FFV with me. Water/Lightning has always been a rather slept on element combination; but some of the newer card selection has buffed it to a more playable status. This is mostly an Aggro deck where we are rewarded for flooding the board and hitting a CoD for 8k+ or an activated Ramza.

Last Opus, this style of deck was seen being played by Josh Ge or Taylor Stahnke;. both with very good success so much respect to them. Now we have Red Mage AND Faris! Both can greatly add to the tempo or card value of this deck. Super-fast, much card value, and big Ramza, so much wow!



Knight (3-139), Famed Mimic Gogo (3-142), Lenna (3-144)

Lenna and her targets also happen to be category FFV. Success.

Red Mage (7-085)

This card is great. An insane tempo play for our other forwards to get through. We’re in the element combination to always get the auto ability trigger, AND it has an Odin effect on its second ability. Now that is a dead Dadaluma if I have ever seen one.

Faris (7-120)

Insane card value. We play tons of FFV so this is basically a 2cp forward. It just happens to get bigger when we have a Lenna who ALSO floods our board.

Illua (5-099)

Fast. Evasive. Insane S ability when our board is wide. Basically a Legend. Play Illua.

Leila (6-126), Viking (4-133)

A great draw engine and helps make CoD and Ramza better. Count me in.

Cloud of Darkness (5-126), Ramza (5-118)

Our MVPs. These are our whole game plan. Spam forwards, find some more, play these! Win.

Steiner (4-129)

Findable off Duke and not a bad forward. Worth it.


Odin (1-123), Ramuh (6-102)

Now you're probably wondering “Why no Famfrit?!” Sadly I never found much success w/ the card and these are the next best options. We don't have a summon that sets our board back a step when we need more forwards. Make sense? Break forwards or move them out of the way. Done.


Black Mage (3-107), Mystic Knight (7-100), Oracle (7-124), Cannoneer (3-115)

These cards are all FFV and have playable effects. Yes please.

Gladiator (4-126)

We're bringing back a Viking in case we need some cards. We needed something not FFV okay?!

Scholar (1-157)

Again, just a good 2cp backup. Saves some of our important forwards, or reuses one of our enter effects.

Mid Previa (7-101)

FFV. Decent removal. 3k+6k damage is no joke. Don’t be afraid to pitch some dead cards in hand if a 9k burn wins us the game.

Brahne (4-134), Cid of Clan Gully (5-103), Duke Goltanna (1-134)

Our searchers! These find our threats, our card draw engine, or our Ramza/Steiner! Easy picks.

Closing Ideas

Well that’s it. This deck is definitely for people who like playing forwards. I hope you guys enjoy! Let me know what you think as always.

- Matthew Rice

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