A Minute with Rice! – Fire/Earth WoL

Hello! I’m Rice. For those who don’t know me, let me give you a brief intro. I’ve been a community member since day 1 being part of the Six Sages Gaming FFTCG YouTube channel. I am now a Meta Potion team member as well as one of the lead moderators on the FFTCG-US FB group! I thought it would be a fun idea to go over some of my favorite decks this meta while we wait for the 2019 season. Some good, some bad, but always close to my heart. Just something short and sweet. Heres what I am playing, here's why I play it, and some ideas to suggest! Kind of like how my good friend JFB does over at Yehosera! Besides, I’m a much better deck builder and person than I am a player. 😉

I wanted to do my part to help #growthegame  

So I guess here we go! Here is a Minute w/ Rice! Fire Earth Warriors of Light!


I’ve been working with the WoL combos since day one of this meta. Fire / Earth was my favorite combo, but it was missing something. In comes the Phoenix/ Krile combo Kakka and Jason showed off at worlds! I hated that combo previously, but then they printed another Krile! It becomes much more efficient when were at 5-6 copies of her. Most of the list comes from what I saw them doing with some slight tweaks.


Warrior of Light (7-131S)

Great at enabling a strong/final push. Haste. Great to bring back off Wol. S-Ability fodder. Good card.

Sol (7-012H)

Insane 2cp beater. He’s almost always turned on. Your ideal drop off of Aigis. Great break zone target for Wol/Sarah. I can’t say much more!

Krile (7-068H)

I don’t think I have ever played this card. S fodder. Worst case scenario it’s a WoL!

Krile (3-078H)

Very easy board clear. Helps against decks that go wide and give us problems. Time the combo correctly. It wins games.

Firion (7-132S)

One of my favorite cards from Opus 7. Great at finishing off stuff, or by killing threats alone! We play forwards, this does more damage because of this. Great value at 2cp and an EX.

Ingus (5-074H)

Warrior of Light. Buffs other stuff. Make sense?

Luneth (5-024H)

Warrior of Light. Buffs other stuff. Make sense again? Oh, and don't forget this can do some ping damage when everything has brave.

Lann (7-018L)

I love this card. Some don’t. Play it and figure it out! It’s a must answer threat that becomes huge. It’s removal can spiral out of control if not checked. Great with Hecatoncheir as well.

Wol (5-146H)

Finds threats. Brings back threats. A must play in WoL decks if you ask me. We play quite a few search cards to thin out our deck and make this hit A LOT.

Aigis (7-002R)

Cheats in Sol or the new Warrior of Light. Gives everything Brave almost. On curve. Do I really have to talk about him?

Warrior of Light (2-145L)

This card gives some decks A LOT of trouble. The new Warrior of Light can be thrown away for an S. He makes other WoL’s better. I like him as a one of. I wouldn't play more because Wol is much more important and the Light cards could get clunky.


Phoenix (3-020H)

This enables our key combo. Otherwise it’s ehhh. Bring in Krile or Firion for some damage/breaks. Bring in Sol for some beats.

Hecatoncheir (4-093R)

Best summon in the game if you ask me. Insane potential when everything we play is huge or sometimes takes less damage. Does some cool things with Lann. If you're playing Earth you're playing this.


Mog (MOBIUS) (5-093C)

2cp earth that can find important cards. Yes please.

Raubahn (2-093H)

Removal for a very low removal but forward based deck. EX too. Worst case it could be a turn one play.   

Miner (5-082C)

Incredible card. Finds backups. Finds threats. Basically our other 2cp Earth backup. It enables some dirty turn one plays too. Play this card.

Sarah (MOBIUS) (5-085R)

Finds Warriors of Light that our opponent dealt with or we had to discard. EX. Yes.

Vivi (3-018C)

Still good outside of the Turbo Discard ban. We can’t play the L so we play this. Good damage, and EX.

Meeth (7-017H)

Finds important cards and lets us discard not so important cards. I love this card. It makes decks like this go. You can often turn a spare 3cp or 4cp into gold.

Dominion Legionary (6-011C)

Lightens our deck so Wol hits more. It’s basically a 2cp Fire backup. Good combat trick. I’m a big fan. Nothing bad about this card outside of it taking 3x.

Reynn (1-028R)

Finds Lann on cast or EX. Buffs Lann. Buffs Lann some more.

Cosmos (1-183H)

Lets us play multiple light cards and lets both options on Krile be live. Easy pick for a 2cp!

Suggestions/ Ideas:

I’ve been very happy with my version, but there’s some cards I think about.

If you don’t like Lann I would play some more WoLs and maybe a Zhuyu. He's great at finishing the game. Takes it from 5-6 damage to 7 real quick. Very good with Hecatoncheir.

Carbuncle is good for the combat trick on occasion. Turns Krile to some good blockers after they’ve gotten most of their use.

For the backups, definitely more Miner or a Doga/Cait Sith. Selphie, Black Waltz 3, Irvine. Miner lets us bring back our threats. The other two can help protect them. I just personally value the removal from Raubahn, more than I should. The fire backups would give us some more pressure or ping damage; Almost all of my Fire decks have a Waltz and a Irvine.

So I guess that’s it. Hope you guys like the deck. I would love to hear from you! Either on how you like the deck, suggestions, or some edits! Thanks everyone.

- Matthew Rice

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