EXP Farming: Early Backups

September 25, 2017 0

EXP Farming – Early Backups Since this is my first article for Meta Potion, I should probably introduce myself. My name is Dan Nguyen. I […]

Nathan Perez – 2nd Place US Nationals

September 20, 2017 0

2nd: Nathan Perez Deck Name: Starve MKV – Wind/Ice Forwards (24) 3x [1-033C] Argath 3x [1-042R] Squall 3x [1-059R] Laguna 3x [1-195S] Serah 3x [2-047L] Rinoa 2x [3-036H] Cid Aulstyne 2x [3-039R] Sephiroth 2x [3-056H] Zidane 2x [3-063H] Dorgann 1x [1-186L] Sephiroth Backups (18) 3x [1-036C] Bard 3x [1-088C] Archer 2x [1-048C] Devout 2x [1-057R] Duke […]

Combo Breaker: Wind Drake

September 12, 2017 0

Combo Breaker: Wind Drake Welcome to Combo Breaker, a bi weekly article series where we discuss particular cards and the wonderful card interactions they create. […]

Freya Freight Train

September 5, 2017 0

FREYA FREIGHT TRAIN! I know you all are preparing for nationals… so I wanted to give you a little sweet tidbit about dragoons, since they are […]